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Sponsorship Activation

Building Your Landing Page

This resource is designed to help you build out your sponsor landing page in the Socio app. If you’d like to see a sample conference app, Socio has provided one here (use any email to register for access).

Not all options described on this page are available for all sponsors. Please refer to your agreement with Greater Public or contact Andrew Leitch ( if you have questions.

Please submit all assets and changes using this form (also linked at the bottom of the page).

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1. Your Primary Logo

This will be used on and in our pre-roll video. Your logo can include a tagline. Please provides files in .jpeg or .png format that are a minimum of 1200px wide. In most cases, we already have the file we need. You can see the files we’re using below. Please get it touch if you’d to make a change.

2. A Square/Icon Logo

This is optional but highly recommended. The conference app makes extensive use of icons. Submitting a file that is optimized for square usage will help your brand look better! Also, note that in some cases the corners of the square image are rounded off. Examples below:

Bad  😢


Sponsorship Activation
Good 😃
Sponsorship Activation

3. A Booth Cover Image

Strategic Partner and Industry Advocate Sponsors should provide an eye-catching booth cover image. These should include your logo and can include taglines or themes for your campaign. These will be shown on the main sponsor landing page (example below). File types: jpg, jpeg, png.

Strategic Partner and Industry Advocate: covers should be 800px by 400px
Major Supporter: your cover image is your icon logo

Sponsorship Activation

4. A Tag Line

These appear beneath your company name on your landing page. Aim for under 100 characters. Rich text is not supported.

Sponsorship Activation

5. A Company Overview

The overview appears in the sidebar of your virtual booth. There are no specific length requirements. We are able to support rich text, bullets, numbering and even images here. Keep in mind that if you plan to provide related links, attachments, etc. that an extra long overview may make those items appear “beneath the fold” for some users.

Simple Overview Example
Sponsorship Activation
More Complex Overview Example
Sponsorship Activation

6. Primary Content

Primary content takes up the leftmost two-thirds of your booth space (shown below). The platform supports the following types of content:

  • Embed a website or landing page
  • A YouTube/Vimeo/Wistia video link
  • A PDF document

If you’re considering using a website embed, think about having a focused landing page with less clutter and no nav (or minimal nav). This will fit more seamlessly into the UI and make your brand stand out. See examples below.


7. Call-to-Action Buttons

Each booth has two buttons on the sidebar as shown below. 

Sponsorship Activation
The leftmost button will be “Request Follow Up.” When an attendee clicks this link, an email will be generated to the primary contact from your company that shares the name, email, title, and company of the prospect (example below).
Sponsorship Activation

The rightmost button can be any link you’d like. They must be 20 characters or less. Example include:

  • A link to your website with the CTA text of “Learn more”
  • A link to a contest or drawing page with the CTA text of “Enter drawing”
  • A link to a calendar service like Calendly with the CTA text of “Schedule a meeting”
  • A link to a job application form with the CTA text of “Apply now”

8. Related Links and Attachments

The Socio platform provides the option to link various additional items in the sidebar. These include

  • Connections to other items in the Socio app, like speakers, video rooms, and sessions
  • Attachments like PDFs and image files. No video files or PowerPoint presentations, these should be submitted as links.
  • Additional external links (a job application, lead capture form, product listing page, etc.)

A few additional notes: 

  • By default, if a member of your team is presenting in the conference we will link that session in your sidebar.
  • By default, if you are producing a sponsored breakout session, we will link to that session in the sidebar.