See you next year at PMDMC 2022 in Chicago, July 19-22, 2022.

Why Attend

“Now more than ever, I want our whole team on the cutting edge of what we do.”
It’s never been easier for every fundraising professional in your organization to access the best revenue insights in our industry.
PMDMC 2021 Why You Should Attend

The PMDMC is the must-attend conference for public media revenue-seekers, regardless of platform.

This year, there’s no limit to the number of colleagues your organization can send to the conference. The PMDMC21 is coming to you!

When you register as an organization, everyone on your team will have access to the best knowledge and ideas to make the coming year financially strong.

PMDMC will deliver:

  • Conference sessions that are problem- and solution-centric, focusing on business outcomes, instead of on specific processes or roles.
  • An accessible virtual environment that helps media professionals become agents of positive change in service of their organizations.
  • Transformational learning experiences that cultivate wisdom, insight, and increased sharing.
  • Keynote experiences that deliver an emotional high that will carry you into the year to come.

It’s the best conference all year for your entire development team:

  • Public media leaders will access valuable strategic steps designed to increase untapped or under-explored revenue.
  • Development professionals will obtain actionable ideas and strategies that can immediately drive more revenue at your station.
  • All attendees will access connections to other system professionals who are tackling the same complex industry problems that you are.
  • All attendees will leave feeling energized and more passionate than ever about the mission of public media.