Pre-Conference Cohort Day

Build professional connections that you can draw from throughout the conference and all year long.

Tuesday, July 21  | 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. |  Free

Following last year’s very successful debut, Cohort Day is back for PMDMC 2020 and is included in your conference registration fee! Build professional connections you can draw from during the conference and all year long. These relaxed gatherings, facilitated by peers recognized as leaders in their areas, will provide discussion on shared challenges and triumphs among cohorts of radio colleagues based on station type or job responsibility. Get to know peers from stations across the country during an afternoon of networking, camaraderie, and meaningful discussion of practices, shared issues, and questions.

Select and join one of ten special afternoon cohort sessions immediately preceding the Opening Celebration:

Small But Mighty
For development directors and membership managers of small stations.

Institutional Giving
For those responsible for corporate and foundation philanthropic support.

Music Stations: AAA, Classical, and Jazz
For development and marketing professionals at AAA, classical, and jazz stations.

University Licensees
For development and marketing professionals at stations that are university licensees.

For those responsible for underwriting sponsorships and promo execution.

Capital Campaigns
In the middle of or about to begin a capital campaign? Talk with other stations to share insights and tips.

For marketing and communications professionals.

Nielsen Data Basics
Understanding Nielsen ratings for development pros.

A/B Testers
Swap best practices for running quick tests and experiments during your digital donation campaigns. We will learn some new tricks by collaboratively designing and running a Facebook ad A/B test during our session.

Young Professionals
For the public media leaders of tomorrow, aimed at professionals in the first decade of their professional career.

Public Media Development Professionals of Color
After two years of a luncheon bringing together people of color in public media, for PMDMC 2020, there will be a three-hour cohort meeting before the conference. More details to come.

Add a cohort to your conference experience when you register for PMDMC 2020.