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Session Proposal Example

Tips on how to submit the best possible PMDMC session proposal
PMDMC Session Proposal Examples

Struggling with how to present your proposal? The key elements to consider are diverse representation, attendee engagement, and 2-3 measurable learning takeaways that provide a clear picture of the specific skills or content mastery that will be achieved as a result of participating in the session. Learning takeaways should contain verbs that describe observable, measurable and/or achievable actions. Here are some examples to help guide you.


PBS SoCal Pilot Program
Join PBS SoCal/KCET’s journey through the PBS pilot program offering local member and underwriting spots on the app and streaming platforms. Explore our successes, stumbles, and audience reactions in response to 6 months of (:15) spots.

Why it’s good: Addresses the current challenges of the industry and cross-disciplinary appeal. Is less than 75 words.


Creating Successful Fundraising and Underwriting Campaigns in the Streaming Universe
PBS SoCal/KCET was one of five PBS stations that participated in the pilot that offered local member and underwriting spots in the PBS app and on other PBS streaming platforms. After a million spots served to our audiences in Southern California over six months, what have we learned? What worked and what didn’t? Can we make money with (:15) spots? How did the audience react to seeing spots before every video for six months?

Proposed Learning Objectives:

  1. How to create effective (:15) and (:30) spots for streaming. Examples will be shown.
  2. How to create a multi-platform digital approach including emails and social posts, to maximize results.
  3. Why we need to think about fundraising differently in the streaming universe. Key takeaways from the pilot for other stations to use as PBS opens up the pilot to other stations.

Learning Areas
: Corporate Support (underwriting), Membership (individual giving)

Why it’s better: It shows actionable items, metrics, cross-disciplinary appeal, and the description is under 75 words.