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Session Proposal Example

Tips on how to submit the best possible PMDMC session proposal
PMDMC Session Proposal Examples

Struggling with how to present your proposal? The key elements to consider are diverse representation, attendee engagement, and 2-3 measurable learning takeaways that provide a clear picture of the specific skills or content mastery that will be achieved as a result of participating in the session. Learning takeaways should contain verbs that describe observable, measurable and/or achievable actions. Here are some examples to help guide you.


Engaging Gen Z for Sustainability
Engage with the long-neglected audience, Gen Z tweens and teens. This age group has graduated from PBS Kids programming, but isn’t regularly consuming public media. Hear from stations that are experimenting with new production models to meet these younger audiences and learn how these stations are creating long-term sustainability.

Why it’s good: Addresses the current challenges of the industry and offers a variety of perspectives. Is less than 75 words.


New Platforms & New Audiences: Engaging Gen Z for long, LONG-TERM Sustainability
Public media stations across the country are launching projects and initiatives to engage a long-neglected audience – the Missing Middle or Gen Z tweens/teens who have graduated from PBS Kids programming. Stations are experimenting with new production models to meet these younger audiences where they are – on TikTok, in podcasts, and other non-traditional content platforms. How can stations use these new initiatives and platforms to “patch” a leak in our audience and (eventual) donor pipeline for long-term sustainability?

Learning Takeaways:

  1. Develop an understanding of current research projects and content initiatives by, with and for diverse youth.
  2. Examine concrete examples of how stations are engaging new audiences on non-traditional platforms.
  3. Consider potential new funding models for how stations could support these efforts in content experimentation and new audience acquisition and engagement.

Why it’s better:
All of the above, but also adds clear and measurable learning takeaways and demonstrates that the attendee will walk away with concrete examples.